Fritts Zero-Turn Mowers

Roy at Fritts Farm & Equipment Sales carries only the best mowers from trusted brands like Bush Hog, Encore and Country Clipper. These are brands known for their engineering, performance, and reliability- machines built for people with work to do!

If you’re nearby the Waynesville, St. Robert, Fort Leonard Wood, or Lebanon Missouri area and you’re looking for the best zero-turn mowers at the best prices with the best customer service and support, then look no further than Fritts Farm Equipment!

Learn more about these brands below, or call us for help deciding which model best suits your needs.

For A Limited Time Only

Get the New Encore Arrow zero-turn mower

For only $3900! (plus tax)


Bush Hog mowers have been known for their durability and reliability for the last 65 years. Around these parts, don’t be surprised to find some of those early models still being used in the fields! Before starting Fritts Farm & Equipment, Roy himself was a fan of Bush Hog’s products, so going from using them to selling them was an easy transition indeed!

Bush Hogs are perfect for commercial landscapers and homeowners alike thanks to their thoughtful engineering and ease of maintenance. And not only do they cut beautifully, but they’re a blast to drive! Bush Hog’s no-hassle warranties and fantastic customer service mean if you do happen to have issues with a new mower or piece of farm equipment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly and painlessly they resolve your issue.

So if you’re someone that puts productivity and dependability before looks, or just someone that wants professional results in a fraction of the time, remember that Roy has just the Bush Hog mower to meet your needs!

Click here to see our Bush Hog 3-Point Tillers

Bush Hog® HDE-2 Series ZT Mower

For Homeowner with Acreage or Estate Owner
Center-mounted fuel tank
Quick setup
Keyless start & stop
Fuel low level indicator
Tachometer / hourmeter
Safety interlock indicators: PTO, park brake, handles, seat
Low oil indicator
Soft start on PTO

Performance Features

49”, 55”, and 61” deck widths
7 Models: Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton engines represented
Manual pin out deck height adjustment
Electronic Control Module
HG-3100 Transaxles
23 x 10.5-12 Drive Tires
Engine choices up to 25 HP

Bush Hog® HDZ-2 Series ZT Mower

bush hog hdz-2 mower

Performance Features

Full-Featured for Professional Use

61” and 73” deck widths
6 Models: Kohler and Kawasaki engines represented
Full suspension seat standard
Rotary controlled deck height adjustment
Full Feature Control Module
Anti-Vibration Isolators
HG-5400 Transaxles
24 x 12-12 Drive Tires
Engine choices up to 33HP

Also comes with professional-grade upgrades like:

  • Deluxe high back, full suspension seat (standard on the HDZ series and optional on the HDE/HDC series) with operator weight adjustment, flip up armrests, and seatbelt. Seat platform on isolators standard on the HDZ models.
  • Electronic control module offers keyless start, system monitoring and Soft Start PTO engagement, USB power port
  • Rubber discharge chute withstands contact with obstacles and snaps back into place
  • Robot welded, 7GA steel cutting deck – the same steel used on Bush Hog®’s heavy duty flex-wing cutters!

Call if you are interested in our line of Country Clippers

Fritts Farm & Equipment Sales carries the Edge, Prowler and Tracer models of Encore zero-turn and pull-behind mowers. All Encore mowers are built to last with quality construction and service and support you can rely on.

Encore has been serving the mowing industry with high quality mowers since 1988. With easy maintenance and rock-solid durability, plus one of the best warranties in the industry, Encore mowers are a great long-term investment.

Encore Arrow

Encore’s Arrow comes standard with the dependable Hydro-Gear Transmission, Triple layer spindle support, the ability to choose between discharge, mulch, or collection, and includes optional features like a massive 60-inch deck or a powerful, rugged 23hp Kawasaki motor. If you’ve got serious work to do, the Arrow is a great choice!

Click here for full specs.

$3900 + Tax For a Limited Time Only

For more information about the Encore Arrow, or to order yours today, Contact Fritts.

Encore Prowler

Encore’s Prowler comes with an articulating mid-cut deck, PTO drive shaft system, Dual pumps and wheel motors, Long life, maintenance free spindles, a Heavy steel frame with reinforced deck, 3-year limited parts and labor warranty and an industry-leading 10-year limited deck warranty.

For more information about the Encore Prowler, or to order yours today, Contact Fritts.

Encore Edge

Encore’s Edge comes standard with a durable Hydro-Gear Transmission, Triple layer spindle support, and has discharge, mulch or collection capabilities.

Now Available with a Joystick

For more information about the Encore Edge, or to order yours today, Contact Fritts.

Encore Tracer

Encore’s pull-behind Tracer mower has a Convenient single point hand-crank which allows for more precise cut length, as well as an Adjustable tongue angle so you can offset the mower to the left or right. Plus, its Pivoting tongue to handle all types of terrain, making it perfect for jobs that other mowers aren’t up to.

For more information about the Encore Tracer, or to order yours today, Contact Fritts.

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